Doers and Dreamers

Digital Arts Scholarships

Student work: Brandon Booth, Graduate - Canada

WarnerMedia Access Canada is sponsoring 5 full time tuition scholarships to attend the Think Tank Online 16-month Digital Asset Creation Program. The program aims to advance participants careers in television, feature film, visual effects, or video games through the opportunity to develop their digital art skills.

The Doers and Dreamers Scholarship is a talent development initiative focused on Canadian artists from underrepresented communities. Open to people of all genders, abilities, and identities from underrepresented communities in Canada, including members of Indigenous, Black, racialized groups, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ2+ communities.

Student work Brandon Booth Graduate - Canada

You’d rather change the world than simply be a part of it.

To some, dreamers may sound wishy washy. All blue-sky and no brass tacks. But you see it differently. You see a lot of things differently. To you, dreamers are visionaries. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary. The difference between art that simply exists, and art that makes lives better. The difference between following the same old path and unlocking the limitless opportunity that digital art can present to you.

That’s what you dream about, and that’s what we do.

Think Tank is all about transformation and industry preparation. Carefully structured to support creative growth from day one, you are provided with unparalleled resources to totally immerse yourself in your craft.

From ground zero, you will be guided through every aspect of the building blocks that make up the basis for all career paths related to asset creation.

Standard applicants need not apply.   

Selected Participants will develop marketable skills, benefit from mentorship opportunities, and gain unprecedented connections to industry knowledge from the Think Tank community and Warner Media executives and creatives.

So, we are looking for the next generation of visionaries who want to shape the world as we know it. Individuals that want to revolutionize the industry by doing things no one has done before. We’re not just looking for great people, we’re looking for people the world can’t do it without.